New recordings of 18 of my poems, with text, are up at the Voetica website:

A reading by Dan Bellm at Lunch Poems, a noontime Poetry Reading Series at the University of California, Berkeley, February 4, 2010, introduced by Robert Hass.

Running time: 39:43

Poems on the Web

“(election elegy)” at Tin House.

“Sabbath” and “She Waits” at Image.

A reading by Dan Bellm at the Stable Cafe, San Francisco, sponsored by The Cincinnati Review, March 26, 2012
Running time: 18:39

Five poems in The Sand Hill Review, 2014

"Psalm (Mikveh)" in J Weekly

“Counting” in Zeek: A Jewish Journal of Thought and Culture

“Elsewhere: A Faith story, for Grace Paley” in Zeek: A Jewish Journal of Thought and Culture       

“Before words,” translated into Spanish by poet Jorge Esquinca, in Letras Libres (Mexico)

“Morning, Beijing” in Friends of the Ballona Wetlands blog, Los Angeles, and in Spanish translation at Buenos Aires Poetry

“Jacob’s Ladder” in Verse Daily

“Practice” and “First evening prayer” on Sixteen Rivers Press website

“The Weight,” in Boston College Magazine